Art is a Tool for Social Change. We empower individuals with our Clothing, Art, and aim to inspire communities as well. From large scale murals, canvassed fine art, to Artist directed Justified Clothing, our team of artists can handle any style and subject matter.


We employ technology to enhance and duplicate the art we create. From branding & marketing, to creating art-themed clothing lines, we use a hybrid of art and design to create for all types of cultures and purposes.


Utilizing art and design, another area we focus on is production. To market our art we began to produce clothing lines, and now all our screen printing is in house. As a result, we can offer this and more as services to other businesses, organizations, and artists.


Justice is a natural law form of karma. Where one area lacks, another has plenty. In gaining ground and positioning ourselves on the beneficial side of things, we can correct the balance by giving back. This is a Key Pillar of Justified clothing.


We use our skills to drive and build communities.  When we have a hand in the area around us we take a sense of pride and ownership over it and strive to keep it clean and thriving.We do this with our clothing, and our wide range of art skills.


We make the currently most responsible sourcing decisions when it comes to our supplies and textiles for our clothing and apparel. As what we learn grows, so do our decisions. We are focused on organics, modern textiles such as hemp, and fair, ethical treatment of the workers who produce our goods.


One thing we enjoy about the arts and muraling, is it gets us and fellow artists the opportunity to impact places, and cultures, we might not have experienced otherwise. It puts us in the midst of all kinds of groups and organizations. As a result, we feel like the arts are a universal language that connects communities together.

Justified Ink Clothing is justified both in name, and practice. Justified Ink is an apparel brand centered around the progression of positive ideals and causes.From using images and messages to empower individuals to creating eco-minded products, Justified Ink is always growing and ever changing.

“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same” -A.Einstein

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