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Building peace and solidarity is a lifestyle. We use art as a tool for social change. We empower apparel & relics with our imagery. Get Justified. The word “justified” means: having, done for, or marked by a good or legitimate reason. We make justified art.


We empower individuals with our Art, and bring unity to communities. From Murals to fine art, we cover the spectrum. Our diverse team of artists come from unique backgrounds, and we tell that story through our art.


We build our professional network on solid principles and perpetually expand the reach of Justified Ink. We blend art and design skills to create a hybrid visual dissemination machine. We share our art and apparel to inform and empower people.


At Justified Ink, we view art as not only a wonderful activity, but also a social responsibility. When we produce things, we understand the power of visual media. So the imagery and other designs we create are done with intent to do good. This is how we Get Justified.


At Justified Ink Clothing, we have projects going year around. From new apparel, art pieces, to design projects, and all sorts of community projects. Check in for the latest updates and sneak peaks on works in progress.

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Justified Ink Clothing draws from ideas and cultures of the world and shares them through our vision. Our clothing is all hand-printed and much is either Fair Trade Certified or Union Made. Our goal is to produce a Transparent and empowering clothing line. Our art gives us the means and leverage to build up communities.

We fully support more eco-friendly and logically sourced textiles and production methods. Our culture, clothing, and lifestyle is Justified. We offer clothing, art, other apparel, wellness and body-care products through our 2 unique stores. Enjoy our free U.S. shipping!


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