Positive Influence


Building peace and solidarity is a lifestyle. We use art as a tool for social change. We empower individuals & communities with our message & imagery. Get Justified. “justified” is defined as: having, done for, or marked by a good or legitimate reason.


We empower individuals with our Art, and bring unity to communities. We primarily focus on murals and community involved projects. We share our message and give a voice to the voiceless through visual expression.


Using our time, skills, and modern technology We share our art and apparel to inform and empower people. We utilize our networks and community awareness to provide and build in under-resourced areas.


We use apparel to spread the message, and to give back to communities. When we produce clothing, we understand the power of visual media. The imagery and designs we create are to empower and grow.


At Justified Ink, we have new things happening year around. From new apparel, art pieces, to events, workshops, and community projects. Check in for the latest updates!

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We share our message through our clothing. Supporting Justified Ink in this way, helps provide us with the means and support to continue our work in the arts and communities.

Our vision is for fair treatment of those who produce. Our apparel is hand-printed and much is either Fair Trade Certified or Union Made. We fully support more Hemp, Organic, Eco-friendly and logically sourced textiles and production methods.

Our culture, clothing, and lifestyle is Justified. As always, Enjoy free shipping in U.S.


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